Founded in the spring of 2006, the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival was created to combat the disunity, segregation, and violence of Hartford, CT and Trinity College. Using the historically education-oriented and politically revolutionary medium — Hip Hop – and focusing on its global potency and proliferation, the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival works to unify Trinity College, the city of Hartford, and the Globe.

The primary goal of the Festival’s diverse events is education.

For Hip Hop, the 21st century has been a century of unprecedented popularity, expansion, and adaptation. While corporate media powers have largely stripped American Hip Hop of the positive energy present in its nativity, the music has blazed new frontiers around the globe. As American radio stations spin pre-selected, money driven, play lists that revolve around money and misogyny, Hip Hop artists outside of the U.S. have preserved the culture’s positive elements and infused the culture with new life mixing it with strands of their respective national cultures. Expressed in all languages and in all corners of the globe, the Hip Hop Nation has no borders. Harnessing the positive energy of Hip Hop for the past six years, the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival has been a true unifier — attended by individuals from all ages, areas, and ethnic backgrounds hailing from more than 50 countries.

With ten amazing festivals behind us, it is clear that the festival is reaching further than Trinity College and Hartford and influencing communities all across the tri-state area and the globe. However, we have not lost sight of our original goals. Unity and cooperation among ethnic groups, generational groups, and economic groups, is also a necessity for the positive future and growth of the city of Hartford, an intensely divided city. Each minute of the festival is devoted to fostering this unity and growth.

Finally, the Festival also hopes to open the eyes of its participants to a world/worlds never before encountered. While many believe that Hip Hop is only the music they hear over the radio that features derogatory statements and defaming language, it is much more.

Anyone who has stopped by the past festivals, ever for a minute, is able to testify to this.

The Festival brings new music, new culture, and new perspectives to the citizens Hartford. Every year, Emcee’s [rappers/artists] from Tanzania, Portugal, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Senegal, and many more countries preach the politics, history, and current affairs of their respective countries and cultures through Hip Hop—a medium understood by youth worldwide.

The Trinity International Hip Hop Festival aspires to reach and influence communities and individuals outside of the United States of America and Hartford. There is no doubt that this will happen over time as Festival participants carry their experiences at the festival to Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, Mexico City, San Juan, Paris, Montreal and metropolises across the globe.

Free and open to the public, this year’s festival will rock Hartford, Connecticut, and Trinity College on April 7-9, 2017. We welcome all to join the festivities. Check out the rest of the website for information on this years participating artists, activists, DJs, bboys/bgirls, graffiti writers, films, etc.

Peace Love and Hip Hop! – The Trinity Hip Hop Crew


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