Bwette Daniel (Uganda)

Bwette (Gilbert) Daniel is a Hip Hop Archivist, a community youth activist and team leader at the Bavubuka Foundation. His eight years of working and volunteering in indigenous youth communities has attracted both national and international opportunities in the fields of photography, graphic design and community journalism. As a community focused photographer Bwette has had collaborative exhibitions internationally at MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts) New York in 2011, Self Identities Photography & Art Exhibition (Washington DC) 2015 and locally at Uganda National Cultural Theatre during the Bayimba Cultural Festival 2011, Breda International Photo Festival 2012, B-Global Hiphop Exhibition in Uganda 2012, Hague International Institute of Social
Studies (ISS) 2013, Visionary Africa : ART at WORK (European union /African Union International Photo Exhibition)2012. Bwette has also presented personal exhibitions at the Arcus Centre for Social Justice and Leadership in Michigan Kalamazoo 2015 and recently in Power Of HipHop Exhibition in London organized by In Place Of War 2016. Bwette’s work as the UG HIPHOP ARCHIVIST has attracted international attention and earned him an opportunity to represent the Uganda Youth Hip Hop Community at the International Hip Hop Teach-in Remixing the Art of Social Change organised by Words Beats & Life in Washington DC. He has also participated in the Hip Hop
Think Tank for International Hip Hop Scholars in New York which is organised by Hip Hop Education Centre at New YorkUniversity, his online exhibition by Praxis Centre for activists by the Arcus Centre for Transformative Social Justice and Leadership Kalamazoo, Michigan earned him a place in a Artist In Resident program (Critical Mass 2016) for East African artists to work with a renowned UK audio visual artist Gary Stewart.

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