David D. Omni (Cuban Soul Foundation)

David D Omni is a hip hop artist and youth leader, as well as the Director of a Cuban Hip Hop and Culture center in Havana that promotes social causes and justice through hip hop and community service. David D Omni also runs the largest independent music studio in Havana, with focus on hip hop production and recordings. In addition, David is the Director of the Cuban Magazine called OFFLINE, that focuses on Cuban Hip Hop and other forms of art and expression. David regularly hosts concerts for artists and performers that are blacklisted and censored by the Cuban government.  David is also censored in Cuba and prohibited to perform in any state venue in Cuba due to his commitment to socially conscience, pro-democratic and critical stance to conditions in Cuba. Info on David D Omni: http://daviddomni.wix.com/david-d-omni#!

The Cuban Soul Foundation (CSF) is a multidisciplinary non-profit organization dedicated to producing, presenting, and promoting music, theater, dance, film and visual arts with an emphasis on alternative Cuban art and culture. The CSF presents live performances by innovative music artists from Cuba’s independent and alternative scene. We also showcase independent film screenings from Cuba’s underground film academy. The CSF hosts an international artist’s cultural exchange program, inviting Cuban artists to showcase their art in Miami and throughout the United States. The Cuban Soul Foundation has also extended a full outreach program that includes partnerships with other arts organizations and universities. We are located at 7416 SW 42nd St Miami Fl 33155. For info on events contact cubansoulfoundation@gmail.com or call 786-402-1064. Website: cubansoulfoundation.org  Facebook: @cubansoulfoundation

CSF Organizational History

The CSF was established to help mitigate the resource and support deprivation suffered by independent musicians, writers, teachers and poets living on the island, to provide interaction  among them and with their regional counterparts. The CSF has established strong networks and strategic alliances with major US and international NGO’s, pro-democracy organizations, universities and academic institutions to augment the impact of its projects and programs, including: George Washington University, Georgetown University, University of Florida, FSU-Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, University of South Florida, Florida International University’s (FIU) Cuba Research Institute, School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) and Vaclav Havel’s Institute, the REDLAD, the Fundación Libertad, CADAL and others.

The CSF headquarters and cultural center is located in Miami, Fl., within the Bird Road Arts District. The center is dedicated to assisting Cuban artists, youth and activists with training and resources. Within the center is a gallery, fully functional music recording studio, performance venue, office space and dance studio, providing Cubans on the island with external training on how to run and operate multifunctional independent spaces, organizational management, project management, financing and budgeting, evaluation and analysis, marketing, social media, video theory, and vocal training.

The CSF has been engaged and working inside Cuba since April 2009, working with independent and censored artists and youth. From April 2009 thru December 2016 the CSF coordinated and produced OVER 460 community uncensored events that witnessed over 45,000 participants. During that time, the CSF also provided 300 sessions and 1,200 hours of external training to over 80 Cuban artists, youth and activists. The CSF has conducted over 2,466 hours of on-island workshops/training, via 1,220 sessions to 700 direct beneficiaries.

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