Trinity College International Hip Hop Festival (2012): DECA dance performance

At the 2012 Trinity International Hip Hop Festival, DecaDanceTheatre’s Megz & Taeko perform an excerpt from an abstract hip hop piece entitled “When the Sky Breaks”.

Decadancetheatre has been redefining the image of women in hip-hop since 2004. Based in Brooklyn, Decadancetheatre has become a key ambassador of authentic, New York City hip-hop culture around the world through performances, workshops and creative commissions. Led by artistic director Jennifer Weber, the company represents a global vision of hip-hop with an international roster of dancers from the US, France, Germany, Norway, Nigeria and Japan. Challenging hip-hop’s male-dominated convention, Decadancetheatre takes female dancers out of the background of music videos and into the forefront of theatrical performance.

Video Credits
Series Producer: Nomadic Wax & World Hip Hop Market
Performers: Taeko Koji, Megan ‘Megz’ Alfonso, Dj Boo (DECA)
Choreography: Taeko Koji & Megan ‘Megz’ Alfonso
Performance: Excerpt from ‘When The Sky Breaks’
Artistic Director: Jennifer Weber
Event Host: Kid Glyde
Cameras: Magee McIlvaine, Amanda Mansson, Andrew Bridge, Chioma Ozuzu, Michael Stewart
Editor: Magee McIlvaine
Producer: Greg Schick
Venue: Trinity College International Hip Hop Festival in Hartford, CT. (2012)


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