Eprhyme (pronounced E-prime) is a Renaissance Rapper, representing a profound resurgence of depth and dope within an all too often formulaic, uninspired and commercialized art form. Through his collage-like and kaleidoscopic approach to Culture and Consciousness, Eprhyme is constantly and creatively crossing boundaries of substance, sound and style.

Whether rhyming about Current Events, Altered States of Consciousness, or Cutting-edge Kabbalistic Commentary, Eprhyme’s “rapid-fire word salads are a humanist vision of spirituality fused with social engagement.” (The Forward).

After spending nearly a decade in the trenches of D.I.Y. Heartland and Underground Mecca, Olympia, WA, where he independently released 4 ground-breaking albums with the ‘Saints of Everyday Failures’ while working tirelessly as an Artist, Educator, Promoter and Community Organizer, Eprhyme made the move to Brooklyn, NY where he now works and plays with some of the most exciting contemporary Jewish, World, Hip Hop, Jazz and Indie musicians.

In 2009, Eprhyme released his debut solo album ‘Waywordwonderwill’ on Brooklyn based Jewish and World music label Shemspeed. The album itself is an around the world audio tour of the Jewish Diaspora, as well as an in-depth exploration of Contemprary Jewish American experience and identity. Both fans and critics the world over were impressed and inspired by “Eprhyme’s witty wordplay and barrier-breaking idealism” as well as the “top-notch production by Smoke of Oldominion whose beats blend rubbery basslines with traditional Yiddish klezmer riffs and Middle Eastern chants.” (Wire Tap)

Dopestylevsky, Eprhyme’s sophomore solo album, is being released on the legendary Indie label K Records in April 2011. This will be the first Hip Hop album to come out on K Records in over a decade! And it picks up right where ‘Waywordwonderwill’ left off. Eprhyme’s signature blend of story­telling, social commentary, literary references and intricate wordplay are again paired up with an epic electronic orchestra conducted by Smoke of Oldominion and a host of live musicians. The result is an uncanny mix of live/acoustic instrumentation, heavily processed digital madness, and earth-bound­ cosmic lyricism that once again sharpens the cutting edge. This is bold new music that is both thought provoking and body rocking.

Eprhyme has performed in major clubs, colleges and conferences worldwide with Hip Hop legends like KRS-ONE, Funkmaster Flex, Immortal Technique, Brother Ali and countless others- not too mention the myriad basements, protests, simchas and house parties that he’s rocked. Eprhyme has also shared the stage with many award-winning Jewish artists such as Matisyahu, Frank London and Pharoah’s Daughter- to name a few.

And aside from all of his work as a solo artist, Eprhyme is also one-half of the Musical Midrash Project Darshan, which combines Hip Hop with Hebrew Chant, Folk-Rock with Electro-Pop and Love Poetry with Kabbalistic Psychology in a unique and organic weave of world wisdom traditions and modern musical styles.

As an MC, Poet, Author and Cultural Critic Eprhyme is a well-versed tour guide who owes as much to Rebbe Nachman and Robert Anton Wilson as he does to John Coltrane and KRS-ONE.

The lines have been blurred, genres forgotten, stereotypes seen through. The music speaks for itself. All you gotta do is listen.

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