Escuadron Patriota (Cuba)

Raudel Collazo Pedroso (A.K.A. Escuadron Patriota or S4dron) is a leader of the Cuban Hip Hop movement and known throughout Cuba and Latin America as a representative of true hip hop and Afro-Cuban rights. Raudel manages a music studio in Mayabeque, Cuba.  Raudel is known for his socially critical lyrics and commitment to push Afro-Cuban rights and pro-democratic ideals in his music. In response to Raudel’s positive message and perspective, the Cuban Government censors him and he is not allowed to perform in any state venue in all of Cuba. Raudel is one of the most censored artists in Cuba. Raudel rose to fame with his hit song “Decadencia” which translates to “Decadence” in English.

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