Keur Gui (Senegal)

A first album censored in the time of the socialist regime in Senegal will not have had the upper hand over the kaolackois duo, appointed and recognized as being the most committed group of Senegal. Two albums and hundreds of concerts played to full houses, KEUR-GUI returns with “Our idiots Complaints”, a French pun of “Condolences” (Nos Connes Doléances). This was the outcome of 4 years of relentless and accurate work, a completed alchemy between an honorable and constructive contents and a colliding, educational and solid rap. The group seeks to deliver a brand of hip-hop that confronts elements of bad governance and corruption within Senegal. As a lot of artists, including those labelled under “hip-hop”, sell their services to the most generous politicians. KEUR-GUI pulverized sales in 2008 with a frank and outspoken album that spelt out the reasons responsible for the socio-political chaos which rages at the moment in Senegal, and that, without a fast awakening of the common people and the student youth, will end to finish the peace in West Africa.

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