Las Krudas (Cuba)

Odaymara Cuesta and Olivia Prendes are Cuban Hip Hop MCs, Independent Musicians, Poets, Theater Performers representing Womyn, Immigrants, Queer and People of Color Action as a Central Part of World Change. They choose the art as a weapon to fight for rights, for balance, for justice, against oppression. They were both born and raised in Cuba and began in the ”Artivism” early in their lives.

In 1996, they founded the first vegan and queer activist arts group in Havana, Cuba, called Cubensi. By 1999, they had chosen hip hop music as their preferred form of expression, recording their first album, Cubensi Hip Hop, in 2003.

In 2006, they relocated to Austin, Texas. They have performing, recording, giving workshops, educating and touring in The Caribbean, North, Central and South America. They bring Cubensi Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Cumbia, Old School, Mixtapes and New Strongly Beautiful Beats from all around the World with their Amazing Afro Caribbean Rebel Lyrics & Voices to empower the community.

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