Mandeep Sethi (India)

Mandeep Sethi is a California grown recording artist and filmmaker who uses media as a digital catalyst of spiritual change. With film and music as his primary mediums employed, Mandeep’s contributions to his local and global community are focused around working alongside youth to inspire and cultivate change.

His latest documentary is entitled “SIKLIGAR”, a 20 minute visual focusing on the weapons makers of the Sikhs and their current living conditions. His latest musical achievements include performing on MTV Coke Studios India with Producer Extraodainaire Karsh Kale, as well as being a special guest performer at the HBO South Asian International Film Festival in New York City.

Mandeep utilizes music and film as his tools of expression, enabling himself as a storyteller of the people. He is currently in pre-production for his next project, entitled “Folk Lok”, which is centered around the preservation of Traditional Punjabi Folk Music through the lens of 21st century producers and musicians, with a specific look at Punjabi language Hip-Hop.

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