Meryem Saci (Algeria/Canada)

Meryem Saci is a singer/songwriter/MC from Algeria.  At the age of 13, Meryem and her single mother were forced to flee the country due to its civil war.  After several weeks of moving underground, her and her mother finally immigrated to Montreal, Canada as political refugees.

While struggling to adjust to a new country, culture and language, Meryem found release in music and hip hop.  In the year 2005, she joined multi-cultural super group Nomadic Massive and has recorded 2 albums, 1 EP and 2 mix tapes with the group.  Nomadic Massive has been rated the #1 Hip Hop Act in Montreal for five years in a row, and they have opened for Georgia Ann Muldrow, Mos Def, Deltron 3030, Wyclef Jean, Public Enemy and Busta Rhymes to name a few.

Meryem has performed internationally both with Nomadic Massive and as a solo artist in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Canada and the United States.  Her solo music has been featured in several TV Series and Cartoons as well as top grossing Canadian films such as Derapage, Omertà, Sur le Rythme.  Her single, “One More Chance” from the Sur le Rythme soundtrack was #1 in the Top Montreal Music Channel Hit-list for 2 weeks. Meryem has also been working with Iraqui MC The Narcicyst for the Medium through features and tours. She recently came back from a residence in Marseille for Babel Med Festival with Beatmaker Imhotep from the legendary french hiphop group IAM, more collaborations ahead.

This year Meryem will release her first solo project.

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