Self-Suffice (Hartford)

The Rapoet appears (performances, lectures, and workshops) at venues ranging from cafes to colleges, receiving praise from poets like Alice Walker and MCs like Talib Kweli. Recently, he performed at Yale University, hosted the Hartford Hip-Hop Festival with Rock Steady’s Crazy Legs, rocked the International Hip-Hop Festival with KRS ONE, and enrolled a new class of students (for the 2010-2011 school year) in his much loved RapOetry Workshop course. He is now enjoying a wave of critical acclaim for his new album “Manhattan Night” featuring Mez (of J Cole’s Dreamville) and Young Cee (produced for Little Brother, 50 Cent).

When not performing, recording, or teaching RapOetry classes, he offers one day RapOetry Workshops and Lectures. He is currently recording a new album for major distribution while continuing to teach and perform.

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