Sergey Ivanov (Moscow)

Sergey earned his PhD in Cultural Studies at State Pedagogical University in Moscow in 2012, focusing on hip hop culture in Russia. He is currently the head of the Youth Practices Laboratory for the State Library in Moscow as well as the founder of Daexit, a non-governmental organization working with disenfranchised youth through hip hop. He has spoken about Russian hip hop at numerous conferences throughout Europe and has published a dozen papers encompassing topics from gender issues, education, graffiti and hip hop history.

Originally a bass guitarist in the rock bands Otragenie and Vasyas, Sergey transitioned into DJing and hip hop production in 2005.

By 2010, he had developed his skills as an MC and spoken word artist (artist name Grand Pa P), founding the music label Daexit and promoting artists from underground hip hop, funk and jazz. He performed with group Quiet Underground for several years before moving into more experimental poetry and electronic music projects such as spoken word/hip hop group Poetronic.


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