Tang Sauce

Tang Sauce was recently mentioned as a torch bearer for the direction that hip hop is going by Abiodune of the legendary Last Poets. But let’s go back to the beginning, where it all began. On the 24th day of August 1991, a club footed child was born to Leslie Manselle and Joseph Young Junior. Who would have thought that a child born with a clubbed foot would one day express through movement, I think not many. This is who he is. Tang Sauce brings a positive mentality to the table in which these types of things are possible!

When first given the opportunity to make sound in an organized manner, he would skip music class and refuse to play the cornet in the band at Hartford North End Corps, where Leslie Manselle, or Mama Tang (Again, his mother), was the band master, around this time, on a side note, Tang Sauce’s older cousin Simshindo would talk to him and introduce Tang Sauce to some of his earliest knowledge of African history and Hip-Hop, but, years later what would bring him into making sound? Fast forward to 2008, that answer would be straight ahead jazz inspiration from the Artists Collectives “Youth Jazz Ensemble” founded by Dollie and Jackie Mclean, but not before he trained for 2 years with the Manchester Salvation Army’s senior band. Rewind back to 1995 when he first took a tap dancing class at The Artists Collective. Now fast forward to 2005 after the movie that captured the phenomenon of urban dance at the time thanks to artists like Missy Elliot, “You Got Served” came and influenced Tang Sauce to make movement again after a decade of stillness. Fast forward to 2012 when United Outkast crew which Tang Sauce is a member of, took a victory at “Bboy Massacre 8” also the same year that T.O.B crew which Tang Sauce is also a member of won “Funk the politics”, both dance tournaments.

Rewind back to the 90’s where Tang Sauce was selected to be a published author through a program at his elementary school “Annie Fisher”. Fast forward to early 2013 where Tang Sauce was casted the lead role of Joseph Asagai in the MaPeach production of Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Rasin in the Sun”. Rewind back to 2012 where he was casted as a dancer in Sidney Lumet’s “The Wiz”, another MaPeach production. Rewind back to 2008 where he performed with Manchester High School’s jazz ensemble and pit orchestra in Frank Oz’s “Little Shop of Horrors”. Rewind even further back to 2006 when he was asked to speak his thoughts on a panel with his peers regarding the topic of the achievement gap of different races and income levels.

Currently, Tang Sauce is focused on releasing his album Maturity, along with building himself creatively, artistically, and maturely, looking forward to a bright future of peace, positivity, wisdom, understanding, friends, sound, words, movements, thoughts and love.


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